Zemplínska Šírava is a 33 km2 man made lake few kilometres from Michalovce and it is also known as Slovak sea.

It is a popular place for camping, holidays, partying or relaxing.  Around the dam there are few Slovak restaurants  serving traditional Slovak cuisine, beaches, and  a variety of Slovak sports on offer. More adventurous excursions include horse back riding by the lake or in the nearby hills.

Tourists can visit the smaller but no less beautiful Vinianske lake and nearby ruins of Viniansky castle with  a spectacular view over Zemplínska Šírava. The volcanic lake Morské oko in the Vihorlat Mountains offers another interesting trip just a 30 – minute drive from Zemplínska Šírava.

Around Zemplínska šírava there are a number of tourist resorts as well as new thermalpark.Visitors can enjoy tennis courts, a swimming pool for children, paddle boats, volleyball or mini golf.

Zemplínska Šírava is situated in the region of Zemplín in the East of Slovakia. This region is very rich for its traditions, kind people and  nice places to go. The specialty of this region is also its music and dance named Karička. Karička is a folklore dance – with its roots in the 19th century or sooner. It is a circle dance – girls dance in a  circle while singing. Nowadays it is mainly danced at weddings.

When you decide to make a trip to Zemplin you can also visit the closest town-Michalovce- the heart of Zemplin.

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Slovak Sea – Zemplínska Šírava

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