How does it work with VAT registration of a company in Slovakia? Who can become a VAT payer and when?

The basic condition is, your company shall be established, registered a Tax office and provide business activity, and you shall be able to submit a business plan at Tax Office. Your company shall have employees and space where you provide your business activity.

All is specified in a legal act on VAT, but in general there are two ways of VAT registration.

1) the first is the obligatory registration for VAT when the existing company ( legal entity) has the turnover more than 49.790 EUR for the last 12 consecutive calendar months.

It means that these conditions shall be fulfilled:

– applicant is a legal entity or a physical person with a registered address in Slovakia, it provides business activity according to legal act on VAT,

– turnover shall exceed 49.790 EUR for the last 12 consecutive calendar months.

– the applicant shall provide its economic activity in Slovakia.

2) then, there is a possibility of voluntary registration for VAT which is possible when the legal entity can prove its legal economic activity in Slovakia.

All the above give shall be submitted on the specific application with all the attachments that show the economic activity of the applicant.  Every application is taken into consideration individually, and the answer or decision of tax authority shall be made in 21 days or in 60 days from the day of delivery of the application for registration. The application with all the attachments shall be deposited at relevant tax authority according to its registered office.

VAT registration in Slovakia

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