“I don´t measure a man´s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.” – George S. Patton

Who are we?

We’re experienced business consultants devoted to finding the perfect solution for each client.


We are here to help you, to provide you any assistance, we will be glad to help you!


Assistance to potential investors:

  • elaboration of a sample of employment contract in order to decrease the costs of employer

business consulting


Assistance in employing foreigners:

  • assistance for family members of a foreigner who works in Slovakia
  • assistance with visa, work permit, permit for stay, or announcement of a permanent Stay of a EU/ non EU member citizen

Assistance in employment for every businessmen:

  • sample of employment contracts
  • elaboration of all documents necessary for termination of employment

Other services:

  • foundation of a legal entity, and registration of changes
  • consulting the new ideas with relevant offices
  • purchase of real estates, elaboration of lease contracts
  • general consulting
  • liquidation and cancellation of a company
  • elaboration of commercial contracts, contracts with suppliers, partner, and clients
  • consulting in purchase and sale of real estates
  • consulting for foreigners, cittizens of EU or other members of third country

General consulting

  • administrative assistance with letters and compaints
  • providing help in administration in order to obtain work permit for foreigners
  • assistance for foreigners and immigrants

The costs for foundation of a company include:

  • our staff will analyze the needs your necessities and will recomend the best juridical form for you, objects of business, etc.,
  • we will prepare all the necessary documents for you in order to establish your company
  • all the acts at the Trade License Office ( within whole Slovakia)
  • preparation and deposit of a new company at Commercial register, take over of a new Estrait
  • registartion of a company at Tax office in order to pay income tax
  • delivery of all documents to you, and you can start your business in Slovakia

Establishing a company is a process that recquires different corporate documents, and more visits of different offices.

We will be glad to collaborate with you.

We will provide you a legal seat for your company that can save you a lot, it is better than a lease of expensive offices.

You only sign the documents at the notary, then we take care of everything. We elaborate all the necessary documents for your company.

Do not make mistakes, let us help you with everything and take care of it.

Our goal is to fulfill your requets, and establish a company for you.

business consulting


Let us help you with it :)

  • we provide professional consulting
  • prepare all the documents for the Commercial register
  • prepare the trade licenses
  • deposit at the Commercial register
  • we pay the costs
  • we will register your company


Registration of a limited liabilty company

is the most favourite type of a company in Slovakia. It can seem to be simple, but it is not so easy.

We will help you with all the changes at the Commercial register, transfer of the shares,
even with liquidation of your company, when you decide not to provide business in Slovakia,

We can give you assistance:

  • in all the administrative process regarding the stay permit in Slovakia of third perosns outside the EU
  • in renewal of your process that regards your stay in Slovakia
  • in communication with all the offices

business consulting


We can inform you about:

  • your stay in Slovakia
  • possible employment
  • make business in Slovakia
  • healthcare and social insurance
  • education,

We can recommend you a reliable proffesional accountant.

We will provide you assistance to  get paid your unpaid invoices.


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