Green Lake is one of the most beautiful and frequently visited mountain lakes in the Tatra Mountains. This gem of high-altitude nature is located in the valley of Malá Studená dolina, at an elevation of approximately 1,551 meters. Green Lake captivates visitors with its beauty and a scenery surrounded by steep Tatra peaks.

Its name reflects its vivid green color, which arises from the presence of algae and glacial dust in the lake. The lake is a popular destination for tourists, mountain enthusiasts, and photographers, who come here not only for its scenic beauty but also for the hiking opportunities in the surrounding mountain environment.

The natural lake is accessible to tourists through a picturesque trail, distinguished by its beauty and diverse views of the surrounding landscapes. Above the lake rises the well-known Hawk Tower. Next to the lake is the Chata pri Zelenom plese (Cottage at Green Lake). The most common route starts from the Biela voda stop. Half an hour from Green Lake, you will find Veľké Biele pleso (Big White Lake).

Green Lake is an excellent place for relaxation and a picnic, making the hike enjoyable for families and groups of friends. You have the opportunity to sit by the shore, admire the peaks, and observe the tranquil waters reflecting the beauty of the surrounding nature.

For a hike to Green Lake, it’s important to have suitable hiking gear, including comfortable shoes, drinks, and light snacks. The hike is not demanding and is suitable for a wide range of tourists, from beginners to experienced mountaineers. Some may find the rocks along the trail challenging, so trekking poles are recommended.

In the winter season, the surroundings of Green Lake transform into a snowy landscape, becoming a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Skiers can enjoy picturesque trails offering impressive views of the snow-covered Tatra peaks.

Green Lake in the Tatra Mountains is not only a natural treasure but also a place where hiking, mountaineering, and a love for the wilderness come together, creating unforgettable experiences for visitors to this picturesque part of the High Tatras.

Green Lake

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