These days and these years it has become very popular to travel abroad for medical examinations and various medical procedures or surgeries. When people are deciding which services in which countries are better for them, they usually consider price, quality and availability in the first place.

Foreigners come to Slovakia not only because of wonderful nature, lovely places to see and interesting activities and sports to do, but very often they also use our health services.

In Slovakia, every human being, who has permanent residence in this country or is working here (whether as an entrepreneur or as an employee) must have health insurance. In this country in the past we used to have only one health insurance company, but a few years ago the situation has changed – we could choose from several such  companies. These days the number of health insurance companies is smaller, but still you can choose the one you prefer the most, according to their services and benefits. Some of them have concluded contracts with private medical centers and thus offer quality health care and treatments still at good prices.

Various doctors specialists in Slovakia have much lower prices for their services and procedures than doctors abroad. We suppose, yet not many people know that in this country we have very good quality dentists who are cheaper than elsewhere. You can choose from different personalities and sometimes even from different nationalities among these dentists. There are foreigners who studied in our country at the Faculty of Medicine and also stayed to work in Slovakia.

More and more Slovaks undergo the eye surgery and are very satisfied with the results, so they recommend it to others who might need it.

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