What are the Slovak typical ingredients that you should not leave out when cooking a Slovak food in winter?

As you probably know Slovak food is sometimes spicy, heavy for stomach, sour but it´s tasty and good ?


So the typical ones are given below. Most of them are served during Christmas holidays. What do Slovaks eat for Christmas?

1.) Cabbage ( Cabbage soup) It is usually cooked in a Slovak soup with mushroom, potatoes and it is made to be sour as sauer kraut for the typical Slovak kapustnica ( Slovak sauer kraut soup) served with mushrooms. This can´t be missing during Christmas.







2.) Smoked sausage or cheese ( often served in or witjin Slovak) Smoked sausage is often cooked also in sour kraut or it can be served as roasted. Smoked cheese is known as  „ parenica.“








3.) Potatoes- everywhere potatoes .. cooked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried  potatoes ( as French fries or „ hranolky“). Potato salad with mayonnaise…. Potato salad is one of typical Xmas dishes served with fried fish, pork, or poultry.














4.) Poppy seed on potato noodles

Another typical Xmas dish is potato noodles with poppy seed and sugar.







5.) Honey cake ( medovník)

Honey cakes are typical cakes for Slovak Christmas. In the past they were used also as Christmas decoration on Christmas tree.













Favourite Slovak winter drinks in cold weather are vin brulé and grog. So try to taste it all while the cold weather lasts outside.  If you need any recipe, feel free to contact us.


Winter tastes of Slovakia

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