Slovakia is divided into regions such as Liptov, Orava, Kysuce, Gemer, Novohrad, Spiš, Šaris. In these regions you can see the beauties of Slovakia. Each one of these regions has its rich history. Gemer is a region situated in the south- east of Slovakia. This is one of the regions with lower employment in Slovakia but it is worth of a visit. On the way to Gemer you can find many castles, chateaux and caves. In case  you decide to visit central Slovakia and eastern Slovakia, we would like to give you few suggestions for a visit and places where to eat.

On your way from Bratislava, coming to the Central Slovakia, the first region to visit is Novohrad.  In Novohrad it is worth to visit the reconstructed castle in Halic. It is  a right place where you can eat or get accomodation. You will be surely astonished by its beauty.  Hotel Galicia Nueva

The centre of Novohrad is Lučenec where you can visit the renewed Jewish synagogue  It is nice to have a such a beauty in this region.

Continuing with your trip in Novohrad, it is worth to travel further to the Hungarian borders but you will find the beauty in Slovakia close to Šiatorská Bukovinka. The treasure is known as castle Šomoska.  All this beauty is located in the Natural Resort Cerova vrchovina.

During your stay in Novohrad, don´t forget to visit Filakovo castle.

From the past a typical and good place where to eat was a salas, and the typical ones were well kept only in Liptov and Orava – in the northern part of Slovakia. Now you can visit a good salas / koliba place also in the region of Gemer.

Check this place close to Rimavska Sobota

Check this place in Ožďany.

Region of Gemer is rich for its natural beauty and mineral springs. This region has its spa in Číž- close to Hungarian borders. This spa is situated in a calm place, it is famous for very efficient hippotherapy and healing iodine water.

Gemer is well known for its famous caves, castles, hills and valleys. It is the right place for your soul.


On your way from central Slovakia further to the east you will get to the historical gothic road that was very important in the past and is important nowadays as well.

These places are the right place for your soul. Travelling on the Gothic route you have the chance to visit the capital of East „ Košice“. Visit its historical part ( St. Elisabeth´s cathedral, wax museum, churches) and try the taste of eastern speacialties.

Going further to the east of Slovakia you will discover more and more regions such as Spiš, Šariš, etc. Each one of it has its magic and specialties. It is so interesting and nice that we can not describe it all. That´s why we add some links here. If you are interested, send us your questions and we can help you with your visit and accomodation.

After your visit of Košice you can easily get to the region and place protected by the UNESCO…. Bardejov, and all the beautifful wooden churches.

There are good places to eat the specialties of eastern Slovakia as well as good place for accomodation. Hotel Artin.

During your stay in Bardejov you can visit also Spa in Bardejov that was famous already in Austrian – Habsburg monarchy.  You can visit the Spa Colonnade with 8 different mineral springs, which are all intended also for drinking. Natural mineral water is the most valuable treasure, for which this Spa has been well known and popular since the 13th century.

Read about best 10 spas in slovakia here.

Further to the east, you can find another nice town…. Prešov- another treasure of eastern Slovakia that is the heart of the region Šaris. More info about the beauties of central and eastern Slovakia next time J.

On the way to Gemer, Novohrad and eastern Slovakia

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