newsWhat is useful to know before you start making business in Slovakia? These are some questions that you shall
respond before making business in Slovakia.
What documents and information are needed to set up a company in Slovakia? What kind of information? So before making a business in Slovakia you shall know:
1) business name of a company is requested  if you want to set up in Slovakia. 
First,  you shall decide whether you will make business as legal entity or sole trader.
2)  legal seat
Do you need legal seat only per postal service or regular office where you will meet your clients? Before making business in Slovakia you shall decide about this.
3) object of business
Your business plan is very important. What type of license will you need? The license can be regulated, unregulated, and as a craft.
4) shareholder – You can make business by yourself or share your goals with more partners.
You shall need these data of shareholder´s name, surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, residency- address, as well as the amount of share that shall be paid up.
5) executive – It is possible to have more than one executive. They can act independantly or mutually in order to make business in Slovakia.
You shall register their name, surname, citizenship, residency- adress and deposit their criminal record with apostile- all officially translated to Slovak language.
6) value of share in limited liability company
The minimum share at limited liability company requested by law that shall be paid by a shareholder is 750 EUR per 1 shareholder.
7)  basic capital of limited liability company
The minimum basic capital requested by law for a limited liability company is 5.000 EUR to be paid by the client  in the bank.
The process of setting up a company  can last from five up to ten days. In case you are not a
member of European Union you are entitled for making business in Slovakia only when you
received a business permit that entitles you to make business. For further info feel free to contact us.


Making business in Slovakia

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