The Castle of Trencin dominates not only the city of Trenčín  but also the whole Vag river region – Povazie region. It was built in the 11th century as a border fortress, guarding important fords of Vag river and the Carpathian ghauts through, which trade routes passed. The important trade routes, which connected Northern Hungary and middle Slovakian mines with Poland, Czech, Moravia and Silesia.

In the following centuries, it became the seat of the border district, then the royal and later aristocratic county.

The history of the castle starts in the 11th century, when the tower house and rotunda were built. In the 16th century, those buildings became the property of Matus Cak, the owner of 50 castles in Slovakia, also known as the duke of Vag river and Tatras.

Firstly, Matúš tower was created in a roman style. But later it was modernized to the gothic style. The highest point of the castle has a viewing platform and is located in this tower.

Trencin Castle has lost its military importance by the end of the 18th century. A huge fire has ruined the whole town and the castle. Iphigenia de Castris d’Harcourt was the last owner of the castle and she gave it in 1905 to Trenčín.

Moreover, the Legend of Fatima and Omar is associated with the Castle of Trenčín. The rumour says that the castle lord Stephen Zapolya captured the beautiful Turkish princess Fatima and the Turkish prince Omar, who loved Fatima, was given the task of digging a well in the castle. For four years he had to dig into the rock to bring the water to the castle and then was released along with Fatima. The well is 80 m deep and is also known as the well of love.

Nowadays, in its ancient premises, almost in the whole castle you can find exhibition spaces and several expositions of the Trenčín Museum. The tour of the Trenčín Castle is a very interesting experience.

You can walk the streets of the town on your own without a guide. If you have learned the history of the town and the castle and know the route you are going to follow, this is a good solution. However, you have to pay an entrance fee anyway.

More tourists recommend visiting Trenčín in Autumn. It is covered by yellow leaves and surrounded by heavy clouds. The castle looks majestically. However, the weather in Slovakia is mild and you can visit it at any season of the year.

Trenčín castle

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