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We would like to give you some facts about Slovakia. Slovakia has an open economy with a predominantly export – driven industry. The manufacturing sector employs more than one –quarter of the country´s labour force. European Union countries are the destination for more than 85 % of Slovak exports. Slovakia was nicknamed as Tatra tiger. 


Slovakia has its paradise


Facts about Slovakia







The Slovak Paradise is mainly built of  karst limestone (Geravy, Glac, Pelc and Skala plains) and dolomite (Tri kopce). The karst plateaus show phenomena such as sinkholes and limestone pavements (lapies) The climate is moderately cold.


Typical features are canyons, gorges and ravines (Sokol, Suchá, Belá, Piecky and Kyseľ), which form picturesque rocky scenes with waterfalls, and which were created mainly by the rivers Hnilec and Hornád. There were many settlements of woodcutters, colliers and smelters in Slovenský raj once, which were turned into tourist centers, for example Dobšinská Maša, Dedinky, Mlynky, Stratená.


Facts about Slovakia:

Slovak has its  national hero Jánošík


Facts about Slovakia











As a young man from an agrarian family, Jánošík joined the revolutionary army of nobleman František Rákoczi and later ended up in the emperor’s regular army. After his father paid for his release, Jánošík returned home and embarked on a life of banditry, eventually becoming known as the Slovak version of Robin Hood and a symbol of struggle against oppression. At 25 he was caught – allegedly due to a betrayal – tortured and sentenced to death in Liptovský Mikuláš on March 17, 1713, by hanging from a hook.

Jánošík has since become a national folk hero and a popular subject for countless writers, artists, composers and filmmakers.

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Facts about Slovakia

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