If you want to tell  that you visited Slovakia, you should visit at least three of these places. Here you can find a summary of interesting places for a visit in Slovakia


The capital city on the Danube and the coronation town of the Hungarian kings including the important governor Maria Therese is near to other important European cities.


Tatras and  Liptov

The  unique winter skiing in modern resorts. In summer, these mountains  can offer hiking where you can see and experience the Slovak nature.



The second biggest town in Slovakia has its unique atmosphere. The treasure of Kosice is the st. Elisabeth´s Cathedral.


Banská Štiavnica

This historical town is famous for its unique centre and technical historical buildings registered at UNESCO.


Spiš castle

On your way to east Slovakia you will find many places that are registered at UNESCO, as well as this castle from its medieval age.


Slovak paradise

The Slovak paradise is a real paradise on earth. Here you can experience mountains, waterfalls and all that nature can offer.



The center of Bardejov is registered at UNESCO and this town is located in the region of Šariš.


Wooden churches in the Slovak Carpathian Mountains

Most of them are built without even one nail.


Caves of the Slovak carst

Beside all the beauty of Slovak nature, Slovakia offers also a large variety of  beauty underground, in such beauties like caves. Most of them are in the east of Slovakia.


Piešťany spa

This is the most famous Slovakia visited by people from all over the world.


Main airports in Slovakia

Airport Bratislava

Airport Košice


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Top 10 places that is worth of your visit in Slovakia

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