The Tatra Mountains, both low and high, are an ideal touristic place if you want to enjoy nature, outdoor activities, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, etc. Since they are on the border between Slovakia and Poland, many Poles came to enjoy the Tatra mountains of Slovakia. Although, its location near to Krakow airport, an international airport, brings many foreign tourists. In the Tatra Mountains, there are many accommodation options for any tourist. Chodník Korunami Stromov is one of the newest attractions of the High Tatras allows you to enjoy a walk on wooden bridges suspended at a high altitude to enjoy the views.

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is a beautiful city with historic buildings in the old town. And its size allows you to visit it in a single day, enjoy the views of the Danube shores and a beautiful castle at the top of the city. Being located on the border between Slovakia and Austria, many tourists will visit Vienna and then take the opportunity to visit Bratislava because it is a beautiful city. It is also close to the border with Hungarian territory. The bronze statues distributed throughout the center are a hallmark of the capital. It is a cheap city to visit and has other interesting buildings to see, such as St. Martin’s Cathedral, 15th-century Gothic gem, and the beautiful Blue Church, a charming display of Slovak modernism.

Košice is a beautiful town located in the east of Slovakia and is closer to the border with Ukraine and northern Hungary. The main attraction of the city is st. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, which is the largest and most important in Slovakia. And one of the best examples of Western Gothic architecture in this part of Europe. Around the city, other charming cities would be Bardejov, Prešov, or Levoča. 

This city concentrates the highest number of historical monuments in the whole country, and therefore it is essential to take a walk through the historic center. Direct flights to Britain are available at Kosice Airport.

If you travel to Slovakia or travel to a country bordering Slovakia, you can’t leave the country without visiting these three incredible places. We’re waiting for you!

What to visit in Slovakia

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