First of all, before making a final decision about making business in Slovakia,  you shall make a survey on Slovak market. Or you can order this survey at us. In case you are EU citizen, or entitled to make business in the territory with the EU, then you shall be entitled to make business in Slovakia.

If not, then you shall submit your application for business visa in Slovakia at your country of residence. If in your country there is not a representative office of Slovakia, then we can inform you what is the nearest representative office of the Slovak Republic close to your country.

1) When you double checked what was said above then you shall apply for your criminal record of your country of origin and of a country of residence- where you lived  longer than 6 months in a period of last 3 years,

2) then you shall decide on the form of your business. In Slovakia you can make your business – you have more options- f.e. as sole trader. The sole trader is responsible for his credits with all his property, or will set up a limited liability company ( s.r.o.)

Having a limited liability company you a responsible up to your paid up share. The bodies are the general meeting that consists of shareholders and executives that act on behalf of a company. The functioning of lt is regulated in the Memorandum of association.

3) joint- stock company that can be more expensive, the bodies are the Board of directors. Its functioning is described in a statute.

4) se up an organizational branch of your company. In the following link you can find more info .

For further info feel free to contact when you decide that Slovakia is the right place for making business. The ltd is the most favourite one.

How to make business in Slovakia

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