If you, as a foreign entrepreneur, have established a company in Slovak Republic, likewise the slovak entities, also you have the obligation of necessary activation of  electronic mailbox of legal person, which includes whole electronic communication with public statal offices and institutions. Such a mailbox factually replaces former ´classic´ communication in the field of public administration, it receives applications from citizens, business subjects and, vice versa, addresses official public adjudications and statements.

Electronic mailboxes are located at the Central Government Portal at slovensko.sk and are established by The Government Office of the Slovak Republic for:

  • public authorities (bodies),
  • legal entities and registered branches of legal entities,
  • natural persons (citizens of Slovak Republic),
  • natural persons who are carrying out business activity (entrepreneurs).

            As for the access to the electronic mailbox is needed an identity card with a chip, of which issue is conditioned by official Slovak nationality and permanent address in Slovakia, you as a foreign entity will have to adopt measures to gain access to such a mailbox. We, as your credible partner in your business activities with longtime experiences, will gladly provide you with all the necessary consultations, communications and steps, needed in obtaining such an access.

There are more ways of entering your own electronic mailbox as a foreign entrepreneur in Slovakia.

  1. You can authorize another person with Slovak nationality, which disposes of Slovak identity card with a chip.
  2. There is also a possibility to authorize a person which does not have Slovak nationality. In this case such a person has to dispose of any tool of electronic identification, issued in other country of European Union (for example eID – an identity card with a chip).
  3. You can gain access to your electronic mailbox also via a certificate of permanent residence in Slovak Republic with an electronic chip. Such a certificate is issued by competent police precinct. In this case you have to apply officially for installation of electronic mailbox for a non- Slovak citizen. We will assist you with keeping all the necessary details in this process.
  4. Another possibility how to gain an access to your electronic mailbox in Slovak Republic is to register via authentication code. It is a card with an electronic chip and security numeric personal code (BOK). Also, this card with code is issued by police precinct.

The system of electronic mailboxes has been introduced in 2016 as a more efficient and faster communication with public administration. You will appreciate it as a tool, simplifying your business activities in the Slovak Republic.

Electronic communication – a new era of your business

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