Are you interested to become a Slovak resident? Then this information below could be useful for you. How to start the whole procedure?

We are open to assist you to get residence in Slovakia and this regards not only the third country nationals but also EU citizens.

In case you are interested to have your residence in Slovakia and you are EU citizen, at Foreigners´ police you shall submit and provide:

Reason of registration

  1. business ( estrait of Commercial register of your company or trade license),
  2. employment contract


  1. ownership certificate
  2. lease contract
  3. approval of the owner of the real estate

and you shall pay the state fee for registration. You will be registered as a Slovak resident within thirty days or in two days if you pay the urgency fee.

In case you don´t make business in Slovakia nor you are employed in Slovakia, it is enough to provide financial amount required by the law, submit a prove that you have a valid health insurance even within the territory of Slovakia, and to provide prove on accommodation as mentioned above.

When you become a resident in Slovakia, if you are EU citizen then you can change also your driver’s license for a Slovak one. This procedure lasts 30 days or two days if you apply within urgency procedure.

In order to become independent within the Slovak territory you can learn some Slovak language and we can assist you to learn some Slovak to be able to use it anywhere.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Your residence in Slovakia

We are glad to provide you our services.

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