Currently, the Ministry of Economy wants to promote the development of eastern Slovakia.It wants to build a new strategic industrial park that offers the possibility of investment to large foreign investors. As an example, we can see the German group of mechanical engineering and industrial plants BHS-Sonthofen, which started the construction of a new factory in the Haniska industrial park near Prešov in 2019. The investment has a cost of 7, 3 million euros. Another expansion is planned in the Prešov region and that of the Charvát Strojárne Company. This same company already began to modernize the plant in Bardejov, in 2018 and the completion of both expansions is expected in 2022.  

Last month, the Ministry of Economy has allocated 650 thousand euros to support the construction of electric charging stations to support climate change and reduce pollution in the environment.

This summer 2020, KIA motors resumed investments in Žilina planning the realization of a new electric model, where the start of production of the new electric car model is expecting from the year 2024.

Another possible investment would come from the Volswagen company, which foresees a possible expansion in the Bratislava plant with the arrival of the Passat and Superb models and with this will appear huger opportunities to work.

Another enormous investment underway will come from the Porche company, which will build a new plant for the manufacture of Porche automobiles and which will provide jobs for about a thousand employees. The factory will have eight pavilions located in a total area of ​​14 hectares. It will have built in the year 2024.

The country is very hopeful that when this corona crisis passes, Slovakia will be at the top of the investment. His optimistic forecast is since in 2019 it was a record in investments in the form of mergers and acquisitions, which reached a total of 59 deals from foreign investors, which represents more than one billion euros invested in the country. If we are looking at historical data, the year 2019 is considered the best year for investments in Slovak territory.


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