There are many ways how to shorten the evenings after your work and make more meaningful your evenings in winter in Slovakia. Even the days are shorter, you can still enjoy the winter season in Slovakia whether you ski or not.

  1. Go to a concert, musical or hockey. Get your ticket at, www.
  2. Try the Slovak spas to refresh your body and soul
  3. Try the Slovak wine tour. Check the available tickets at ( if you want to book a ticket, let us know, or even if you need a company, we can help you to arrange it.) If you are in Bratislava you probably know that wine region starts in Rača. Then you can buy a ticket at, this ticket of wine tour will open the doors of wine producers of Rača, Svätý Jur and Pezinok as well. By drinking a good wine, and listening to rhythmic Slovak folk music you will forget about the cold outside and will feel the rhythm of the wine inside of you.
  4. Meet your friends at Christmas market. During the Advent season many Slovak towns have their own Christmas market. Don´t forget to visit it. Try the Bratislava Christmas market! The specialties of the Slovak Christmas market are mulled wine, cigánska pečienka , goulash, punch, etc.( baked pork meat in bread, and other typical Slovak food and  drinks
  5. Visit High Tatras and the Hrebienok and its Ice Kingdom
  6. Visit Belianske Tatras and Treetop walk

In the Slovak mountains you can enjoy skiing as well as walking in the snow or enjoy the Slovak food in a Slovak Koliba.

If you need any tips, don´t hesitate to send us an email.

What to do in Slovakia in winter?

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