Another Slovak natural beauty again in the east of Slovakia at Polish borders. In this region there are so many beauties that we could keep writing & writing. Here we drop you few lines about Bachledka and Ždiar that are Belianske Tatras, in the High Tatras national park.

This beauty is again in the High Tatras national park, part Belianske Tatry. Bachledka or Bachledova dolina ( Bachled valley) with its untouched beauty  is ready for you not only in winter, but it is ready for you  all the year round.


Belianske Tatras …….

The new gem of Belianske Tatras is the Bachledka Treetop……Beautiful in winter as well as in the summer……

Bachledka Treetop walk is situated close to  the majestic forests of the Pieniny National Park. We will show you the unique nature of the Belianske Tatras. We will explore local forests together. You will be immersed in the forest and get to know and learn about many animals and plants that can be found only in a few places of the world.

On more than 600 metre long route you will go through the forest with various animal and plant species, find many surprises and learn some lessons.

The view from 32 metre high observation tower is magnificent and you will have the majestic trees some of which are even older than you within arm’s reach.



Ždiar is a small village in the heart of beautiful intact nature, above which strongly and proudly towering peaks of Belianske Tatras.

Visitors of this distinctive village can just wander the countryside, listening to noise of the forest, seen grazing sheep and find peace of mind.

The most beautiful season in Ždiar is winter. Every house, every tree, every hill is covered with a huge blanket of snow. Quantity of always prepared slopes. For the demanding skiers, or skiers, sledging and ski school for your children …

Zdiar belongs to the jewels of Slovakia. It is a distinctive village with a typical traditions, customs, folklore and culture with more than 1300 inhabitants.


Belianske Tatras

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