If you have already decided to launch a business in Slovak republic, but you are still not sure to open here a limited liability company or you don´t want to be a sole trader, you can always look for another form of an entity. One of the preferred ways of making business in Slovakia for foreign investors and entrepreneurs is to set up here an organizational branch of your mother company.

Although it´s a very convenient and effective kind of enterprise activity, to do so, you have to realize, that your branch office will have to follow the legislation of Slovak republic (that also means that as aforeign entity you have the same rights as Slovak legal entities), which requires several necessary steps right from the beginning. That´s where we can provide you with our services and assist you in the entire process of founding your organizational branch in Slovakia. With our experiences and professional skills, we will be at your disposal in creating your most desirable form of increasing your business here.

Even if it is a rather simple business form, there are still specific requirements which must be respected upon the creation of a branch of your mother company in Slovakia. First of all you have to specify the object of business of your organizational branch. You will nominate the responsible of the branch office and consequently you´ll have to submit his/her criminal record with an apostille of official translation. The branch must have at least one director who is a natural person and who is a resident of an EU country.

Since it is a mandatory requirement for the branch office to have a registered address in Slovakia, it is necessary also to provide the rental contract or approval of the owner of the real estate with the registered office for your organizational branch in Slovakia. It will be necessary to submit also the statute of the mother company officially translated including the object of business and persons authorized to act on behalf of the mother company.

After you have prepared all the documents needed for setting up an organizational branch, in which we will assist you with our professional services, the trade license by Trade License Register will be issued for your branch office. Then, all the documents shall be submitted at the Commercial register and when the registration is ready, also the registration at tax office is needed to be done. The entire registration process of creation of your organizational branch in Slovakia shall not last longer than 10-15 days. The benefit of organizatioal branch is that you do not have to pay up any basic capital, only a fee for registration. You neither do not have to attach any declaration from tax office.

It is essential also to know, that the Slovak branch office must present every year the balance sheet and the statements on losses and profits of the foreign parent company. Also, it must keep its own statements of account and deposit it every year, like a regular local company. So if it fits your business dreams and needs to create an organizational branch of your company in Slovakia, don´t hesitate and address us all your questions and requires!

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