The High Tatras are created by 15 Tatra settlements lying under the panorama of our mountains, the High Tatras. The main centers of tourism are Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec and Štrbské pleso. In summer, Tatra tourists are especially attracted by the Tatra peaks, walks through the valleys, nature trails or trips to lakes and waterfalls. In winter you can ski in the resorts in Tatranská Lomnica and Štrbské pleso. Visitors of the Tatras are also looking for the TANAP Museum with its botanical exposition, the Symbolic Cemetery, Tatrabob, Pramenisko and many other attractions.

In the following article, we offer you three tips for summer hikes in the High Tatras, which you should definitely not miss.

A trip to Téryho chata

Téryho chata is the highest cottage with year-round operation. It is located in Malá Studená valley, at an altitude of 2,015 m above sea level at the Five Spiš Lakes. The easiest way to get to it is from Starý Smokovec via Hrebienok, Obrovský vodopád and Zamkovského chata.

It is a half-day hike through Malá Studená valley. From Starý Smokovec we go either on foot or by cable car to Hrebienok. From Hrebienok we go to crossroads Rázcestie nad Rainerovou chatou and from there we continue along a stone path towards Zamkovského chata. At Zamkovského chata we can relax for a while and refresh ourselves. From the cottage we continue first with a gentle, then steep ascent to Téryho chata, where the Five Spiš Lakes are located. To the right of the cottage it is possible to see the top of Lomnický peak or Pyšný peak.

You can also visit the cottage in winter but it is necessary to equip yourself with winter equipment. From Téryho chata it is possible to continue along the yellow trail to Priečne sedlo or along the green trail through Sedielko to Tatranská Javorina.

The way back leads along the same trail to Zamkovského chata. From the crossroads at Zamkovského chata you can return to Starý Smokovec or continue along the red trail towards the crossroads at Skalnatá chata, where the green trail from Tatranská Lomnica is connected and from there it is only a few minutes to Skalnatá chata. To Tatranská Lomnica we go down following the green trail, which mostly copies the ski slope, or we use the cable car from Skalnaté pleso to Tatranska Lomnica with one intermediate station Štart.

Trip to Jahňací peak through Chata pri Zelenom plese

It is a very nice all-day hike for more demanding and physically fit tourists. It is possible to get to Jahňací peak by various ways.

From Biela voda bus stop, follow the yellow trail along the forest path to Šalviový prameň. From Šalviový prameň we continue along the yellow trail to the crossroads to Kovaľčíková Poľana and further along the yellow trail through the valley of Zelené pleso to Chata pri Zelenom plese, where we can refresh ourselves before the ascent to Jahňací peak.

There is the yellow trail to Jahňací peak from Chata pri Zelenom plese. The narrow path first rises up a steep slope into the high Červená dolina towards Kolové sedlo. The ascent to Kolové sedlo is secured by chains, intersected in places by sections with easy climbing to the top of Jahňací peak. A lot of chamois can be seen very often along the trail.

Jahňací peak, which closes the main Tatra ridge on the eastern side, does not stand out for its height, but the view from its top is interesting. Then return from Jahňací peak using the same trail.

It is a full-day challenging hike with an elevation gain of 1345 m. The view from Jahňací peak offers a view of Lomnický and Ľadový peak (southwest), the Kežmarská Bielá voda valley, the ridge of the Belianske Tatras and Spišská Magura (east).

Trip to Kôprovský peak from Štrbské pleso

This is an interesting all-day hike, which begins at Štrbské Pleso at the Trigan Crossroads along the red trail with beautiful views towards Popradské pleso. From Chata pri Popradskom plese we go for half an hour to Rázcestie nad Žabím potokom, from there we continue towards Hincove plesá along a stone path. From Veľké Hincovo pleso, the path continues up a steep but not long ascent to Vyšné Kôprovské sedlo. Along the trail we will have the opportunity to see Malé Hincovo pleso and from the saddle it is only 25 minutes, first on the stone rubble, later on the stone blocks to the top of Kôprovský peak. It is a moderately demanding hike with an elevation gain of 1108 m. From Kôprovský peak, tourists have a wonderful view of the Mengusovská, Temnosmrečianska and Hlinská valleys, in the background you can see the Western Tatras.

Tips for trips in the Tatras

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