Ždiar is a typical Goral community located between the mountains of the Belianske Tatry and Spišská Magura and is the starting point for trips to the mountains Belianske Tatry. The village is situated only about 3 km from the Polish border at the base of Strednica alpine and cross country Ski resort. There are many hiking trails into the High Tatras which begin in the village of Ždiar.

The first written mention of the village of Ždiar dates from 1409 when local people had been interested in agriculture, pasturage and charcoal production. At the end of 19th century they started to focus more on tourism.

The first settlers of this harsh climate and dense forests were lumberjacks, coalmen and shepherds but at the present time Ždiar is the center of winter sports and tourism. One of the most known is the ski resort Strednica – Ždiar.

Ždiar is still known for its folk arts and traditions. People living in the village usually wear their folk costumes on Sundays or feast days.

Traditional wooden buildings in Ždiar provide a unique insight into history of living of local people and their architecture.

The Ždiar House Museum, located in a wooden house, exhibits the life and furniture of the local Gorals. Visitors interested in the folk ensembles or other exhibits of folk art can visit exhibition of Ždiarska izba where they can also participate in a typical Goral wedding even in the role of the newlywed couple. The museum offers also the opportunity to try on a local costume. 

Bachledova Valley with the Treetop Walk is nowadays the most favourite destination for tourists. There is also wheelchair access along the full length of the walk which provides the wonderful view.

Tatranská Javorina, situated only 11 kilometers from Ždiar, is famous for the Wooden Roman Catholic Church of St. Anne which was built in 1903 by Prince Hohenlohe. Castle Hohenlohe in Tatranská Javorina serves as representative residence of the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic.

The Village of Ždiar

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