(1) Temporary residence shall be granted by a police department to a third-country national holding a certificate of a Slovak living abroad under a special regulation, unless there are grounds for refusing the application.

(2) The police department shall grant a temporary stay pursuant to above given for five years.

(3) A third-country national who has been granted temporary residence for a Slovak living abroad may do business.

The police department may refuse the application for temporary residence of a third-country national who has the status of a Slovak living abroad only due to reasons as specified by the law:

(a) the third-country national is an undesirable person;

(b) there is reasonable grounds for suspecting that the third-country national is likely to endanger national security, public policy or public health while staying;

(d) the third-country national has a marriage of convenience;

(e) the third-country national provides false or misleading data or produces false or altered documents or another person’s document;

(f) the information on the travel document does not correspond to the facts;

h) it is obvious that the accommodation provided in the territory of the Slovak Republic does not meet the minimum requirements under a special regulation.

Temporary residence of a third-country national who is granted the status of a Slovak living abroad

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