There are many interested applicants who want to apply for study visa in Slovakia. Here you have some info where to study in Slovakia and how you could apply for study visa in Slovakia.

You have a good opportunity to come to Slovakia on the basis of study visa to study Slovak language at certified university study programs. During this university language course you will learn to communicate in Slovak and you will be prepare to study at university in Slovakia and to live in Slovakia.

Applicants are interested to study technical studies in Slovakia, medicine, chemical studies. Students who are given study visa in Slovakia are entitled to make business in Slovakia or to work.

The study visa application is submitted by the applicant of study visa at embassy of Slovakia at his country of residence. The application for study visa in Slovakia must be submitted including all the attachments ( such as letter of acceptance, confirmation on accommodation, etc.) The process takes one or two months. In case you are interested to apply for study visa in Slovakia feel free to contact us.

You can check some information about Slovak universities at Here you can get information what Slovakia offers you in the study field. Slovak universities are located mainly in bigger towns like Bratislava – the capital city of Slovakia, Košice, Trnava, Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, Prešov, etc. You have a large variety of offered study programs from languages, chemistry, agriculture, ecomomy to medicine , law, etc.

If you don´t know what to choose but you want to start to get familiar with Slovak environment, the best possibility for you would be to study Slovak language at least one year. By choosing this program you will be able to speak Slovak fluently and this shall entitle you to get study visa in Slovakia.

Study visa in Slovakia

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