The student permit in Slovakia is regulated by the law 404/2011 Coll.

The study permit can be given to a third country national who is

  • a high school student,
  • shall attend a language school,
  • university student
  • participates in language preparation course for university study that is organized by the university in the Slovak republic.

Temporary stay permit is given to a third country national up to the period of 6 years. This period depends on the length of study. Bachelor study program lasts 3 years, master study program lasts 2 years, medicine, stomatology is a 6 year study program.

In order to obtain the study permit, beside the above given, it is necessary to provide purpose of the stay, financial amount required by law, accommodation, Criminal record.


Purpose of the stay in Slovakia

 At temporary permit for study, it is necessary to prove the purpose of the stay in Slovakia:

  • by confirmation of the relevant state authority or school on acceptance of the third country national for the study program,
  • by confirmation of the organization that is administratively providing the programs approved by the Slovak government or programs of the European Union on the basis of the contract with the relevant state body.
  • Financial responsibility  means  to provide an estrait of a bank account with aprox 2.400 Eur (12x life minimum). This is required by the Slovak state in order not to be additional cost of  Slovak state. This document can be from the country of origin ( officially translated) or from Slovakia.

Student applicants under 14 year do not have to provide their estrait of Criminal record.


Making decision on your study permit application

The relevant state body has 30 days to make decision on your study permit application. From the day of takeover of the study permit in Slovakia, the student shall provide a document within 30 days that he is free from any disease that would endanger the public health within the Slovak territory.


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