What is a Slovak companies register? Who shall be registered at  Slovak companies register ? All the useful data of your business partners can be found at www.orsr.sk.

Slovak Companies Register is a public register containing data prescribed by the law and  a collection of deeds is a part of it.

The following parties shall be registered in th Companies Register:

a) partnerships, companies, cooperatives, other legal entities, the registration of which is required by a special act, legal entities established under the law of the European Communities, enterprises and branches of enterprises of non-residents,

b) branches and other units of enterprises, if prescribed by a special act,

c) individuals permanently resident in the territory of the Slovak Republic and conducting business under this Act, who are registered in the Companies Register upon their request or if their registration is prescribed by a special act.

The registered data shall be effective vis-a-vis third parties from the date of their publication.

The clauses of documents, the publication of which is prescribed by the law, shall be effective vis-a-vis third parties from the date of publication of a notice of filing of such documents with the Collection of Deeds.

If there is any inconsistency between the data, which were registered, and the data, which were published, or between the documents, which were filed and those, which were published, the published data or documents can not be used as evidence vis-a-vis third parties. Third parties may make reference to the published data or documents, unless the registered party submits evidence showing that such third parties were aware of the registered data or of the clauses of documents filed in the Collection of Deeds.

Third parties shall always be free to make reference to the clauses of documents or to the data, which were not yet registered in the Companies Register or filed in the Collection of Deeds, except for cases, in which they become effective only upon their registration into the Companies Register.

Since the date of publication of the fact that a statutory body or its members were registered in the Companies Register, the registered party shall not be allowed to assert, vis -a-vis third parties, a breach of the law, the memorandum of association or the articles of association upon appointment or election of statutory bodies or their members, unless evidence is submitted showing that the third parties were aware of the breach.

If there is any discrepancy between the data and the documents concerning a registered

enterprise of a non-resident or a registered branch of an enterprise of a non-resident, which are published in the Slovak Republic, and the data and the documents concerning the non-resident, which are published in the country, in which the non-resident has its registered office, the data and the documents concerning the enterprise of the non-resident or the branch of the enterprise of the non-resident, which are published in the Slovak Republic, shall be relevant for the purpose of any business with the enterprise of the non-resident or its branch.


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