In case you as an employer are interested to employ employees, you shall decide what type of contract shall be the most convenient for you. We would like to inform you what a regular employment contract shall contain.

The day before the start of the employment the employee shall be registered at the Social insurance company as well as to health insurance company. Before the start of employment the parties shall agree upon the final version of the employment contract and sign it.

An employment relationship shall be established by a written employment contract between the employer and the employee. The employer shall be obliged to provide the employee with one written copy of the employment contract.

In an employment contract, the employer shall be obliged to stipulate with the employee the following substantial items:

a) the type of work for which the employee was accepted, and its brief description,

b) place of work performance (municipality, part of municipality, or place otherwise determined),

c) day of work take-up,

d) wage conditions,

e) hours of work, work conditions, notice period, number vacation days, etc.

Other conditions can be specified in the collective contract.

The Slovak Labour Code allows you to stipulate a probation period in the employment contract that shall be in written. The probation period is up to three months. In case of any positions of responsible employee, the probation period can be of six months. The employment can be agreed for a definite period of time or indefinite period of time. Any changes of the employment contract shall be in written in the form of attachment to the employment contract signed by both of the contractual parties. All other conditions regarding the employment not specified in the employment contract are regulated by the Slovak Labour Code and the related legal acts.

What shall contain a Slovak employment contract?

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