The most used form of a company to make business in Slovakia is a limited liability company. This Slovak company- Slovak  LLC ( or s.r.o.) can be set up by one or more shareholders.

If you decide to set up a Slovak limited liability company, then you shall know:

  • name of your company, with the abbreviation s.r.o. ( llc)
  • basic capital (The minimum basic capital required by law is 5000 EUR., the minimum business share of one shareholder is 750 EUR),
  • maximum number of shareholders is 50,
  • shareholders cannot be registered as debtors on the list of tax authority nor on the list of Social insurance company,
  • shareholders sign the documents regarding the new company,
  • you shall submit your Criminal record with apostille to the Trade license office,
  • trade license Office regularly issues the trade license in 3-5 days,
  • then, when your trade license is issued you can submit your application to the Commercial register and your Slovak company- limited liability company can be opened in Slovakia.
  • The state fee is 300 EUR, or 150 EUR in case you submit the documents electronically.
  • It is very important not to forget to attach the document confirming your legal seat in Slovakia, all the necessary declarations, signed act of memorandum, as well as trade licenses and the eventual power of attorney.
  • in case the period is not prolonged, your Slovak company can be registered in 10-12 days,
  • then within 30 days you should register your company at tax authority.

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