Many foreigners who want to move out of Slovakia have to undergo never-ending bureaucracy. When you need to reduce the number of visits to government offices and the amount of time spent waiting in queues, you can be inspired by pieces of our advice what to do when moving out of Slovakia.

If you own a travel card for the public transport in Bratislava, you can ask for the reimbursement of the part of the ticket. You can do it before moving out of Slovakia at the public transport company sales points around Bratislava.

If you decide to keep your Slovak phone number, you should be prepared to show your permanent residence permit from the Foreigners’ Office when you got your SIM card. When you have no residence permit, local operators will probably want to change your personal data with information from your passport. You can change your personal data personally at one of their sales points or shops.

If you had a bank account in a Slovak bank during your stay in Slovakia, you should close the bank account before moving out of Slovakia. You can do this personally or with a written notice. In case of a written notice, you will have to notarize and apostille your signature on the document.

If you need to close your social insurance, your employer or business licence office will inform the social insurer, Sociálna Poisťovňa, that you are no longer working for them or have closed your business licence. They will probably provide you all the documentation of your past payments to Sociálna Poisťovňa and the information necessary to apply for unemployment benefits.

Our company offers professional services in the interiors of homes, office spaces, and specific cleaning services according to the customer’s requirements, such as cleaning services at moving out of Slovakia.

Our cleaning services will enable you to save your time and eliminate your worry. We can clean your company and office spaces as well as your home spaces.

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Moving out of Slovakia

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