Many of you would like to apply for work visa as third country national and to work in Slovakia. As you know, there is a special procedure for work permit application in Slovakia. Before applying for work permit in Slovakia, make sure you really want to work not just apply for work visa without the will to work. The elementary thing is to have the job offer from your Slovak employer.

Another basic thing is that you must apply at the Slovak embassy from your country of residence.

Where shall you apply and send your CV? First, you shall have the required skills, experience, knowledge, some foreign language skills, PC skills , etc.

In Slovakia the basic website where you can check the jobs offers is www. 

This website is not the only one. By searching on the web, you will find more offer as well as many recruitment agencies.

Surely, in Slovakia you can find employers where you can speak English. If you find the right employer who is interested to hire you, then your future employer shall provide you a binding letter of intent or future employment contract. This is the very basic but important step that you shall make before applying for work visa in Slovakia.

Having the job offer is one of the basic steps, then you need another list of documentation required by law. When you receive the work permit, make sure you will have some info about rules given by the Slovak Labor Code to respect the regulations. For further info send us an email.

Job Offer from Slovak employer

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