An employment relationship shall be agreed for an indefinite period, if the duration of employment is not defined explicitly in the employment contract or if the agreement was amended and the conditions for fixed-term employment to enter into force were not met. An employment relationship shall also have indefinite duration if a fixed term employment relationship was not agreed in writing.


A fixed term employment relationship may be agreed for at most two years. A fixed term employment relationship may be extended or renewed at most twice within a two year period. A renewed fixed term employment relationship is an employment relationship beginning less than six months after the end of the previous fixed term employment relationship between the same parties.


A further extension or renewal of the fixed term employment relationship to two years or over two years can be agreed only in the following reasons

a) substitution of an employee during maternity leave, parental leave, leave immediately linked to maternity leave or parental leave, temporary incapacity for work or an employee who has been given long term leave to perform a public function or trade union function,

b) the performance of work in which it is necessary to increase employee numbers significantly for a temporary period not exceeding eight months of the calendar year,

c) the performance of work that is linked to the seasonal cycle, which repeats every year and does not exceed eight months in the calendar year (seasonal work),

d) the performance of work agreed in a collective agreement.


An employee in a fixed term employment relationship may not be given either more or less favorable treatment than in comparison to a comparable employee with regard to working conditions and terms of employment under this act and working conditions relating to safety and health at work under special regulation.

Fixed term employment in Slovakia

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