From May 1, 2018 there are few changes in the legal act on foreigners that influence the life of foreigners in Slovakia.


The most important changes are in these fields:

– there is a new possibility to train employees where there is  a lack of work force before getting the temporary permit for work,

– there is a new possibility to apply for stage up to two years following the university graduation,

– the category of applicants who can apply for temporary or permanent residence for foreigners police in Slovakia are specified,

– there are changes in submitting the application for business, stage and voluntary activity

– there is a possibility to renew the temporary permit in Slovakia after termination of study and research activity by 9 months for the purpose of work and start of business,

– there are changes that regard applicants who can apply for permanent residence for 5 years for unlimited period of time and tolerated stay,

– obligation of a foreigner with temporary residence to stay in the territory of Slovakia for more than half of the time given in a calendar year,

– new obligations of universities and research organizations are given ( regarding the possibilities of students and employees who work in research), employers and language schools altogether with new penalties for  not respecting the obligations,

– there is also a possibility to accept the criminal record that does not regard the whole territory of the state, following the prior approval of Ministry of interior affairs of Slovakia,

– the obligation to provide estrait of property and documents, that are available at public registers of Slovakia, is  eliminated ( such as trade license register, Commercial register).

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Changes in the legal act on foreigners in Slovakia

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