Recent trends show that entrepreneurs, whether individual entrepreneurs or multinational companies, choose Slovakia as the base country for their business. They decide to do business in Slovakia in corporate structuring or export-import operations with the European Union. The entrepreneurs in Slovakia place here their IT teams, diversify production capacity or location of research units. The reason is usually to ease of overcoming non-tariff barriers, and the attractiveness of the investment environment.

We will tell you have to deal with the opening companies and doing business in Slovakia. They will also provide you with information how to obtain a residence permit for yourself and family members or employees.

Why business in Slovakia?

Every foreign entrepreneur doing business in Slovakia should know that:

  • Slovakia has an attractive geographical location (350 million paying customers within a radius of 1 thousand kilometers). As Slovakia is membership in the WTO, the European Union, the Schengen area and the Euro Area, it has many business opportunities and advantages provided by these communities.
  • Slovakia belongs to one of the most growing economies in the European Union (Slovakia ranks 29th out of 189 countries).
  • The level of domestic national income per capita in Slovakia is more than $ 26 000.
  • Slovakia is the most effective place for doing business among the countries of the Visegrad group.
  • Slovakia has the best level of labour productivity in Central and Eastern Europe, (according to Eurostat). It means entrepreneurs can reduce costs of labour.
  • Slovak government has mechanisms of state stimulation of export and investment transactions. The tax on dividends in Slovakia is only 7 %.
  • Slovakia is the best „entry point“ into the European market.

Why living  in Slovakia?

Every personality and family living in Slovakia should know that:

  • Slovakia is a country with a high level of personal security. (The Global Terrorism Index for Slovakia in 2015 was 0 – the level of terrorist activity).
  • Slovakia has a great choice of international schools, free primary, secondary and higher education. Slovakia offers 36 public and private higher education institutions.
  • Slovakia is a member of “Schengen area”. This advantage means travelling within Europe without borders.
  • Slovakia is environmentally friendly country. The Environmental Performance Index for Slovakia in 2014 was 74,45, where 100 is the maximum value.
  • Slovakia is perceived as a country with historically friendly attitude towards foreigners. Slovak people are so culturally closed that foreigners can quickly and easily adapt their family to life in Slovakia.

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Business and living in Slovakia

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