What is better to choose when making business in Slovakia? A new or existing s.r.o. ( llc) in Slovakia? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Before starting your business, many times you are not sure whether to decide for a new company or for an existing s.r.o. (llc) in Slovakia.

We will try to explain shortly and clearly. A new company ( s.r.o. or llc) does not have a history, so if you do not need a company existing for few years then a new s.r.o. is better option for you. It´s clear, new and yours! You are responsible for all the step that you will undertake.

Someone prefers the company with history but a risk of its past under evaluated. By buying a company you take over all its obligations from the past. Therefore, it is necessary to verify when it was established, how many times the shares were transferred, does it have any debts, etc. A ready-made company is a good option for those who want to make business immediately and do not want to wait for the registration process of a new company at Trade license register, Commercial register and Tax Office. If you decide for a ready-made company, the better option could be a company that is not so old.

Anyway, if you decide for any of the options offered by the market get prepared the criminal record of the executive with apostille.

We wanted to specify the difference between the new s.r.o. and existing s.r.o.. Feel free to send us your questions. We will be glad to help you and assist you with your business in Slovakia.

A new s.r.o. (llc) or existing s.r.o. ( llc) in Slovakia?

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