In case you don´t want to set up a limited liability company in Slovakia but you want to make business in Slovakia in another form of entity, you can set up your branch – organizational branch of your mother company in Slovakia.

If you decide for this option- to set up your branch in Slovakia, of course it is possible just-you need to provide the following:

  • you shall be ready to nominate the responsible for the organizational branch of your company in Slovakia, and it is necessary to submit his/ her criminal record with apostille with official translation,
  • you should specify the object of business of the organizational branch,
  • provide rent contract or approval of the owner of the real estate with the registered office for your organizational branch in Slovakia,
  • it will be necessary to submit also the statute of the mother company officially translated including the object of business and persons authorized to act on behalf of the mother company,
  • prepare all documents for setting up your branch in Slovakia and we can assist you,
  • first, the trade license shall be issued of your branch in Slovakia by Trade License Register,
  • then, all documents shall be submitted at the Commercial register and when the registration is ready, then the registration at tax office is needed to be done.

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Your branch in Slovakia

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