Accountancy in Slovakia has been set up specifically to assist individuals or companies who are looking for a trusted firm of accountants throughout Slovakia, without having to browse the internet for multiple firms.

Our accountancy partners throughout Slovakia are, for the most part, multi-lingual and are used to working with international clients. Safe in the knowledge that these firms have been used regularly by our group of companies over the past few years this cuts down the time browsing and obtaining references from companies that you have plucked from the web.

Our uniqueness is in the way that we assist you in resolving your accountancy issues however large or small. Due to the years of experience gained in setting up companies in Slovakia we are aware that each jurisdiction has its own tax legislation that the company, whether new or existing, needs to adhere to. If relevant accountancy, or tax filings have not been submitted you may be liable for penalties in the country where your business is held.

Please contact us today for a short discussion on requirements and how we can assist you.

Accounting In Slovakia

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