To bring along home from the journeys over the world something unique, typical, which will be reminding us forever our visit of a certain place, is a ´must have´ routine of all the passionate travellers. Little souvenirs from all corners of the world embellish our houses and after all the years remain in our hearts as a fragment of the country which we have brought with us. 

Thanks to our rich culture and history, full of picturesque folk art, Slovakia too offers possibility to find here various souvenirs, which you can buy in shops or markets, to make a present for someone or to keep for yourself as an authentic item from our country.  Those most popular souvenirs are for example ornamented, beautifully embroidered doilies and table-cloths, wooden mugs (crpák – originally intended for a milk from sheep), painted platters and magnets, celebrated ceramics from town of Modra, but also national jerseys of Slovak hockey team…. Indeed good idea is also to buy an excellent Slovak wine, a typical beverage of honey (medovina), or traditional brandy of plums – slivovica.

One of the most precious and beautiful souvenirs which you can bring home from Slovakia is also fujara – a melodical instrument of wood with very particular sound, once used by sheperds. Today, in tribute of fujara is held even an annual festival in village of Východná. The instrument was declared by UNESCO part of the world cultural heritage. Or will you like more valaska? A long ornamentally painted axe, in medieval times used also as an arm. Up to this day valaska is a par of one very temperamental, typical dance – odzemok. A beautiful and authentic souvenir can be also a lovely doll – ´shoopolienka´, made of dried leaves of maize.

Our agency, among different services that we are offering, proudly presents the first product of our personalised line of souvenirs – the joker playing cards with interesting typical Slovak themes displayed. On the cards you can find images and products, typical for our country, for example: the most beautiful castles of Slovakia, our mountains, ceramic products, pictures of traditional Slovak foods and costumes, beautifully decorated cottages…

Our cards can be used thus not only for fun and play, being a devoted accomplice for long winter evenings or summer stays in nature and holidays. During the play you can explain to your friends images depicted on the cards and make them learn better about our country, its most beautiful places, piece of our culture and history. In our pack of joker cards thus you have a unique collection of the ´most Slovak´ , most authentic things of this country. Let prepare to your friends a nice surprise and challenge them for an amusing play with the unique chance  to discover interesting and little-known details about Slovakia! If you are interested in our originally decorated and educational joker cards and wish to achieve a really authentic souvenir, feel free to contact us on our e-mail address:

The most beautiful and authentic souvenirs from Slovakia

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