Who is this course for? This course is for all lovers of food and cooking, for anyone who wants to discover Italian cuisine and who wants to spend time preparing and enjoying traditional Italian dishes.

Would you like to cook authentic Italian dishes at home? Our cooking courses will allow you to prepare typical Italian dishes and learn recipes from different regions of Italy. Italy is known to be one of the most visited countries in the world and is undoubtedly the country with the best and most diverse cuisine on the planet. Unfortunately, there are many imitations of Italian cuisine in the world, so we decided to bring authentic Italian cuisine right to your home.

Each lesson lasts approximately two hours, during which the “chef candidates”, under the guidance of the instructors, prepare typical dishes of Italian cuisine, respecting their traditional simplicity and authenticity. At the beginning of each lesson, the instructor presents the menu and the work schedule. During the preparation of the dishes, he assists, explains, advises and reveals the various finesse. Course participants set the table and enjoy the result together. Each group takes a preparatory class led by specialists in the field, focusing on specific vocabulary (food, cooking, utensils, preparation).

This course allows you to learn how to cook typical Italian dishes right in your own home. The goal is to be surrounded by people who share your passion for food and cooking and to have the opportunity to cook like a true Italian.

If you too want to experience an extraordinary evening, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Italian chefs will come directly to your home and teach you how to prepare delicious Italian dishes.

We are at your disposal all over Slovakia.

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We are glad to provide you our services.

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