When you come to Slovakia you will surely decide to bring back some memories  home from Slovakia. What could it be? Shops offer a large variety of cups, mugs, T-shirts, magnets, Slovak hockey dress……. but what is really typical for Slovakia? Here we have few tips for you:

Šúpolienka ( Shoopoleanka)

Slovak very old but original type of doll made of dry corn leaves. It is very nice gift.


Fujara ( Fooyara)

souvenirs from slovakia

The fujara  is originated in central Slovakia as a large sophisticated folk shepherd’s overtone fipple flute of unique design. It is technically a contrabass in the tabor pipe class.




Valaška ( Valashka)

The features of a shepherd’s axe combine a tool with a walking stick, that could be used as a light weapon. It has symbolic historical and cultural connotations and is still used as a prop in many traditional dances, for example the odzemok.



Slovak joker cards

In free time – in winter even in summer Slovak people like to play cards when they gather  – even older with younger, as a kind of relax. We have prepared for you our specialty joker cards with Slovak traditional motives that can tell you something more about Slovakia, or will make you to get more information about Slovakia. If you are interested you can order these cards  directly at us at info@realdealplus.comThis could be a good souvenir for you, your family, friends or your shop.

dsouvenirs from slovakia






Slovak beer and wine

Slovakia has a very tasteful beer and wine that is very favourite among tourists and among people in Slovakia . We are preparing info about the history of Slovak wine and beer, traditions and  its  original taste. It will be published soon on our website. In case you would be interested to get some Slovak recipes from us or info about typical Slovak food, pls send us an email. Let us know what would you like to know about Slovakia.

Original souvenirs from Slovakia

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