Slovakia is a beautiful land with regions, where are so many magical places made for visiting. One of these regions is Orava located in northern Slovakia, thanks to what there are extensive forests, hills or even mountains, and impressive nature overall.

However, Orava isn’t just about nature, but there are many other places made by people, which are worthy to see. For example, Orava castle, which is dominant for this region. Orava castle is known even beyond the borders of Slovakia. The reasons why are many, but the biggest is connecting with the iconic old movie called Nosferatu, which was filmed here. Besides this movie, Orava castle was used in several stories and movies. Castle has been built on the rock, upon the river Orava and the village Oravský Podzámok. And because it is on the stone, it was never conquered in its history. Although, in modern history, it was used by nazis and bombarded by soviets.

Next spot is the village called Zuberec, where is the museum of traditional Oravian village. There are more than fifty buildings in folk architecture, wooden gothic church from 15. century, watermill, and other things necessary for living in these times. Near to village Zuberec, is the Brestova cave, which is the only cave available for tourists in Orava. Another fun fact is that there is no light, so at the beginning, you get a helm and headlamp.

However, there are also places for people who prefer natural monuments and hiking rather than castles, museums or art galleries. Some of these beauties of nature are, for example, Roháče. This mountain is considered as one of the most beautiful parts of West Tatras. The popular spot between tourists is Roháče waterfall. For those who don’t dare to alpine tourism, Juran valley is a great and interesting alternative. Its location is also in west Tatras. The most famous part of this valley is part, named Tiesňavy, for infamous high cliffs, which are craggy too.

There is also an option for those who prefer water places over forest and mountains. The most famous is Orava Dam near to town Námestovo. Tourists could do many water activities like yachting, water cycling, boating, fishing, or just swimming. Famous is also the Slanica island, which is a flooded village.

In Námestovo district is also the last monument, and it is nothing but Jesus Christ´s statue, which is a 9 meters copy of the famous statue from Rio de Janeiro. It resides on the hill upon a village Klin, and it is the biggest statue of Christ in Slovakia.

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