From May 1st, 2018, the conditions for the employment of third-country nationals in selected professions where the lack of skilled labor is shown in the districts with an average registered unemployment rate of less than 5%, have been simplified. For such positions, the employer is not obliged to report a job vacancy at the Labour office and automatically receives a favorable statement for the purpose of granting a temporary residence permit. However, it must fulfill the condition that he employs less than 30% of third-country nationals. If this number is exceeded, it is not possible to proceed in accelerated way when issuing the statement for the purpose of granting temporary employment, even if there are identified deficient professions. It is then followed in a standard way, taking into account the situation in the labor market.

The list of labor-intensive employment in districts where the average registered unemployment rate for the past calendar year is less than 5% will be published by the Central Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family at its headquarters by 31 January of the following year, for the first time by 30 June 2018.

In order to accelerate the process of issuing the so- single vacancies in the Employment Services Act, the reporting period for job vacancies to assess the labor market situation is shortened from 30 to 20 calendar days for an employer who is interested to employ the third-country national on the basis of an acknowledgment of the possibility of filling a vacancy.

Newly, an employer who employs a third-country national in an employment with the specified lack of labor for the purpose of his training and a legal or natural person to whom the employees of a foreign employer are transferred, is required to provide adequate accommodation for such staff and, in the case of transferred workers, he is also obliged to provide the relevant documents proving their transfer.

The maximum amount of the fine for non-fulfillment of the employer’s obligations when employing third-country nationals increased from EUR 33,193 to EUR 100,000.



News in the employment of third country nationals in Slovakia

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