The region of Liptov is very popular part of Slovakia among tourists due to its beauty and diversity.

Its highlands are picturesque, the climate mild.  Nonetheless we have also experienced some hot summer days here in last few years, but they are still fewer in number and incomparably more pleasant than in southern locations of Slovakia and Europe.

Nothing is too far from Liptov and sceneries are breath-taking. Recently I accidently discovered a hill called Krochva, which is situated above Liptovský Trnovec village and the surrounding panorama enchanted me. All mountains of Liptov in the shape of a wrath could be seen from one spot. Roháče Mountains proudly towered right above my nose with the Kriváň Peak behind them and Chopok Peak on the opposite side. The whole horizon of the Low Tatras was to be seen behind the water reservoir Liptovská Mara. A legendary hill with a Celtic open-air museum Havránok and Fatra Mountains altogether with Choč Mountains appeared in the distance. The peak of Veľký Choč offers visitors a stunning view of Liptov and Orava from above. Contrary to High Tatras Mountains, where the one must sometimes take a great care while walking, terrain for hiking is moderate and therefore ideal for families with young children.

In winter, Liptov is a popular destination for skiers who do not hesitate to travel long distances, e.g. from Russia. Visitors also enjoy a year-round swimming in local thermal aqua parks. One of them is situated in Bešeňová. Local citizens like to get a special mineral water called “medokýš” or go for a walk on travertine rocks. Travertine was mined in this area and used in building industry.

Water reservoir Liptovská Mara is pleasantly refreshing in summers and its visitors can enjoy either sailing or fishing.

Caves of Liptov have created a true underground world and represent a real jewel of Liptov countryside. Two of them, Demänovská Cave of Liberty and Demänovská Cave, were made accessible to the public.

Admirers of ancient architecture will be pleased by little old churches. such as Všesvetský Church in Ludrová, wooden articular church in Svätý Kríž village as well as other churches in Leštiny, Martinček or Liptovské Sliače. A new, modern church has recently been built in Sliače. I find it interesting for its folklore elements approached in a modern way.  A minimalistic way of the Cross embroidered on old linen found in grannies’ wardrobes poses a good example of it.  While we are at it, other extraordinary, beautiful and very authentic way of Cross made of glass and wires is placed in the Church of The Holly Trinity in Bešeňová.

For those interested in old-days life and living in Liptov are welcome in an open-air museum Skanzen Pribylina or Vlkolínec. Modern art enthusiasts shall be pleased by Ľudovít Fulla Gallery in Ružomberok and Koloman Sokol Centrum in Liptovský Mikuláš.

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