Slovak real estate market was more dynamic in the second quarter of 2016, which resulted in the increased annual growth of average real estate prices by 4.8%.

The average price of apartments has continued growing according to data from the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS).

The average price of residential property in Slovakia in the second quarter increased to 1,279 euros per square meter. This is in line with the expectations of real estate brokers who agree that the current activities of the Slovak real estate market are the best for the last three years.

The most significant increase of the average price is the price per one-room apartments- by 9%. The average price of a houses increased in the second quarter by € 36 per square meter up to 1,102 euros per square meter.

One reason for the increased activity in the Slovak real estate market and a substantial increase in average prices for houses in the second quarter may be caused by very favorable conditions for obtaining  loans and related high demand for housing loans.


Increase of the prices of real estates

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