The Slovak Commercial Code regulates the conditions who can be or cannot be a shareholder of Slovak limited liability company. Slovak limited liability company can be set up by one shareholder and maximum by fifty shareholders.

Slovak limited liability company with a sole shareholder cannot set up another limited liability company in Slovakia with one shareholder. Physical person cannot be a sole shareholder in more than three limited liability companies.

Slovak limited liability company can not be set up by a person who is on the list of  tax debtors, and debtors of Social insurance company unless the Social insurance company or tax office provides  written approval. This approval is a necessary attachment for submitting the application to set up the limited liability company in Slovakia.

The approval of a tax office to set up  limited liability company in Slovakia is given on the basis of written request of the shareholder within  five days. The approval is issued even in case of a debt that is not more than 170 €.

This is not applied in case of a foreign shareholder. Here you can attach a declaration that this is not applied due to a reason of being a foreigner.

The shareholder of a Slovak limited liability company cannot transfer his business share to another shareholder or another person if the limited liability company is being cancelled, or it is cancelled by court or it is under procedure of bankruptcy or under process of restructuralization.

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Who cannot become a shareholder in a limited liability company in Slovakia?

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