Bryndza, a healthy food, also called white gold, is a soft mixed and salted sheep’s cheese made from lump sheep’s cheese. This food has healing effects, and regular consumption lowers bad cholesterol and also lowers blood sugar. In bryndza there are friendly lactic acid bacteria, which has a beneficial consequence on the human body. Bryndza is excellent for allergies, thinning bones, diabetes and even increases immunity. It is a source of quality proteins, fats, vitamins A, B and D.

Real bryndza is considered to be a medicine, but just the one, which contains at least 50% sheep’s cheese.

The traditional mountain bryndza is made of raw unpasteurized milk. It consists of more than a billion species of lactic acid bacteria in one gram.

This delicacy is produced in Slovakia but also in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Home production began in the 15th century after the arrival of Wallachia. In the 18th century, several „Bryndziar“ manufactories were established, and today one of the most famous is the „Bryndziar“ factory in Zvolenská Slatina.

According to the current period, the bryndza is divided into summer and winter bryndza. Summer has a flowering, fresh meadow in it, and therefore, according to experts, it offers a much more subtle taste experience. The second, and thus winter bryndza, is also summer only the cheese from cow’s milk is mixed with it and stored in oak barrels, storage tanks from which it is pumped until spring.

In the past, Bryndza was eaten just with bread or greased with various dishes. She cooked and still cooks a soup called „demikate“. The most famous dish from bryndza includes bryndza dumplings, which are our national dish. Bryndza has been formed into various salty delicacies, such as sticks, „pagáče“ or savory cakes, so-called bryndza trees. You can also taste it as a spread on fresh pastries. Simple, bryndza belongs to Slovak cuisine.

Bryndza is white gold, which retains the original components of sheep’s milk and, together with „parenica“, belongs to the traditional Slovak cheese products and also has the status of a protected product.

So, do you already have a mouth full of saliva? Bryndza and various recipes from it await you in Slovakia, do not hesitate and visit this beautiful country full of hidden riches.

Bryndza or white gold?

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