Do you have a company in Slovakia and you need to employ a person who is not EU resident? You should follow the procedure on employing foreigners or we can assist you with it.
There are two ways how to submit your application for work visas regarding your future employees, however there is not guarantee they will get the work visas. The Police department decides about the submitted application in 90 days. You can start the procedure of submitting the application for work visas of your future employees or you can transfer the future employee to your company in Slovakia. You shall submit your application at your country of residence.

Submitting application for work visas in Slovakia :
⦁ You shall advertise the job offer at the relevant Labour Office at the legal seat of your employer at least for the period of twenty days,
⦁ Then you shall submit the letter of intent of your employer or the employment contract,
⦁ Provide your Criminal record,
⦁ Documents about your education officially translated by authorized translator,
⦁ Provide confirmation on your salary
⦁ Documents confirming your accommodation in Slovakia. None of the above given documents can be older than 90 days.

In case of transfer of your employee to your Slovak company you don´t need to advertise the vacancy at Labour office.:
1. You shall provide Criminal record of your employee,
2. Documents about your employee´s education officially translated,
3. Confirmation on your employee´s salary
4. Documents confirming the employee´s accommodation in Slovakia. None of the above given documents can be older than 90 days.

In both cases you shall provide two photographs of size 3 x 3,5 cm and a valid travel document. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Work visas in Slovakia

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