Why to choose Slovakia as a country for living? Slovak people are very hospitable and very helpful, you can be foreigner willing to move to and live in this country and they will make you feel very welcomed. Their tolerance to other cultures seems to be infinite. And many people from Slovakia are truly interested in foreign cultures, they are just naturally curious people, willing to broaden their horizons. And many Slovaks speak more than one foreign language. Sometimes it is also possible to learn Slovak from a person who is willing to learn your language – or in general, from a person who wants to practice her or his English conversation.

Many people from other countries across the Europe and also from other parts of the world come to Slovakia and study there at Universities. They appreciate the opportunity to study their subject in English language. As a person from abroad, speaking foreign language/s it can  be an advantage for you in searching for a job which could be interesting and of a good salary.

The last couple of years there are still more and more people coming to Slovakia and starting their own businesses. There is a numerous number of products and things which could impress local people. In the offices and banks, it is very likely that you will meet at least one person speaking English and thus being able to help you with your requests and demands.

In your free time, according to a current state of mind and soul you can choose between the variety of activities – from cultural events (concerts, theatres, musicals, festivals, museums or galleries), wellness and spa stays or treatments, Slovak caves, castles, UNESCO monuments, open-air museums and folk architecture, to National Parks, mountains and forests, rivers and reservoirs etc. In this land-locked country, in its every region, you will always find something interesting to see or to do.

The largest and capital city in Slovakia borders both Austria and Hungary, so many locals from different parts of this country and foreign tourists visit Bratislava also to easily access those neighboring and very interesting places. People often enjoy the regular cruises on Danube river from Bratislava to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Slovakia in general borders five for tourists very attractive and original countries with different customs and traditions, history, architecture, industry and so on.

One of the most important things in humans life, education, in all of the types of Slovak schools – starting with kindergartens, ending with universities (except for the private ones) – is in general not charged. You just pay for notebooks, some of the books, pens and similar things. The best of Slovak teachers are very hardworking personalities, always trying to show you in real life what they teach theoretically, they try to connect theory with practice, compare and give examples for better understanding and for better application of what students have learned. And they also try to get students to think, so in the future they will be able to become responsible for their thoughts and actions.

Typical Slovak food, of which this nation is very proud of is high quality goat or sheep cheese. The national dish called Bryndzové halušky (Potato Dumplings with Sheep Cheese called Bryndza) is for Slovaks the most missing food when they are abroad.

These days, as people for various reasons are changing their eating habits, different types of vegetarian or vegan restaurants are growing in Slovakia. Apart from that, of course there is still a good base of the restaurants offering traditional meals with all of the sorts of delicious meat.

Last but not least, it has to be mentioned, Slovaks can be very proud of their beekeeping tradition, which lasts over a thousand years! They produce honey, which can be rightly called the liquid gold of Slovakia, as its quality often exceeds the world standard.


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