A person who is interested in having a residence permit in Slovakia has more options how to apply for visa to Slovakia. It does not have to be a business visa. If you apply for business visa in Slovakia, make sure your object of business is interesting and you have enough finance to prove to the state authority. Or, you have the option to work in Slovakia or to study in Slovakia. Only the conditions and requirement for applying are different.

Slovakia offers you a possibility not only to make business here, or to work in Slovakia but also to study in Slovakia.

In case you want to work in Slovakia, your future employer shall announce a vacancy at Slovak Labor Office.  Your job offer shall be one of those necessary for Slovakia. In case there is not any Slovak applicant for the given vacancy, then you can apply for this position at your country of residence.

Slovakia offers you also good variety of educational institutions where to study. In Slovakia you can study medicine, architecture, automotive industry, technological field, etc.  In case you are interested to study Slovak language, the new official courses of Slovak language will start in September. The basic thing needed to submit is the letter of acceptance.

Who can apply for residence permit in Slovakia?

  • a person interested to make business in Slovakia,
  •  a person who wants to work in Slovakia,
  •  a person with different interest to apply such as  lecturer, artist, actor/ actress sportsman, journalist, volunteer you can apply under special conditions, scientist or Slovak living abroad,
  • a person who wants to study in Slovakia any specific field or Slovak language.

The Slovak state authority can approve your application for residence permit in Slovakia on the basis of submitted attachments required by law.

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Who can apply for residence permit in Slovakia?

Who can apply for residence permit in Slovakia?

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