Changes in the legal act on Residence of Foreigners – STUDENTS

The amendment of the Act on Residence of Foreigners comes into effect on 1 September 2017. It won´t be possible anymore for a student of Slovak language at a language course to apply for the residence permit for the purpose of study. Those foreigners who want to study Slovak language may apply for a National visa or for temporary residence for another purpose. National visa can be issued for the period of duration of a language course, maximum until 31 July of the respective year.

The amendment also affects the high school students. The temporary residence for the purpose of study can be acquired only by a student, who is younger than 20 years, on the day of submitting the application.

Changes in the legal act on Residence of Foreigners – SEASONAL WORK

The amendment of Act No. 404/2011 Coll. on residence of foreigners came into effect in May, 2017. The significant changes regard seasonal work and posting of employees within intra – corporate transfer. For employees working for the center of strategic services and also for the entrepreneurs with innovation projects the requirements will be easier.

European directive – ICT RULES

ICT permits will be issued to intracompany managers, specialists or trainees who have at least six months of experience at the assigning entity. The ICT permit validity is a maximum of three years.  Those issued a Slovak ICT permit may move to another EU country but they must spend more than 50 % of their assignment in Slovakia.

Applicants must apply for a residency permit at a Slovak embassy or consulate and will need to demonstrate their qualification, salary and contract and prove the intracompany relationship between the sending entity and local host office.

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