In spring, summer, autumn-  many tourists are coming to Slovakia to find peace and nice nature, here you can  reset your mind and find inspiration for your life, art, crafts…. One of the way how to relax in nature, is to do some hiking and live in a camp for few days. Slovakia has its good campgrounds in its beautiful mountainous nature. One of the nicest campgrounds are Borova Sihot ( in Liptov). There are many of them in the area of Slovak national parks close to High Tatras, Low Tatras, Pieniny, Liptov, Poloniny. There is a  lot of undiscovered beauty in Slovakia.

When you are there in beautiful nature you shouldn´t pass by without visiting the castles in Slovakia. All of them hide a special story inside. If you need advice about Slovak castles send us your questions and we will advices you  the one close to you. ( don´t miss the beautiful castles as one in Bojnice, Oravský Zámok, Betliar, Krásna Hôrka, castle in Spis, etc).

Slovakia has a lot of beauties and castles, buildings  registered under UNESCO such as Banská Štiavnica, Bardejov, Vlkolínec, and various historical buildings in Spiš, etc.

There are many Slovak people who left the country during the 2nd world war and went abroad but they are still coming back for a visit or they already had changed the residence and got back to their Slovak roots. Eventhough Slovakia is a small country- many of Slovak people abroad became famous due to their inventions. Here we write you down some info.

 made in slovakia

From the past:

  • Moric Beňovský – word traveller ( 18 th century) who ruled in Madagascar, also known as king of Madagascar;
  • Ľudovít Štúr – codified a Slovak languaged in 1843, a strong personality protecting interests and future of Slovak people; he had a lot of fellows who follwed him and created a group that was named as „ Shturovci“ and helped to educated the poor Slovak people,
  • P. O. Hviezdoslav – a very important Slovak writer ( 19 th -20th century), appreciated by Slovak nation, well educated and describing Slovaks and Slovak nature in his lyrics and epics;
  • Jozef Murgaš– a famous Slovak who emigrated to the US ( 19th -20th century) and invented the wireless transmission;
  • Juraj Jánošík – a famous Slovak Robin Hood coming from northern Slovakia- Terchová (17 th century) , took the money from rich and gave it to poor people;
  • Aurel Stodola – (19th -20th century) invented a steam and gas turbine;


  • Ľudovít Fulla – famous Slovak painter ( 20 th century) – well known for his illustrations of fairy tales written by great Pavol Dobšinský;

Famous Slovak people today:

– team of Slovak hockey players ( Miroslav Šatan, Marián Hossa, Marián Gáborík, Zdeno Chára, Ľubomír Višňovský, Andrej Meszároš, and many other),

Juraj Jakubisko – famous Slovak director

What to see or do in Slovakia? What is useful to know about Slovakia?

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