As you know there are many regions and districts in Slovakia. One of these regions is also the region of Gemer. This region was more famous in history than nowadays.

The region of Gemer is full of historical places and beautiful nature. It is surrounded by national parks full of beauty ( such as The national park Muránska planina, Slovak carst, and Slovak paradise). In these region you can find famous Slovak caves.

Originally Gemer is a very small village in the centre of Slovakia. The king Mathias Corvinus visited and returned to this place and  the famous violinist Czinka Panna lived here.

The region of Gemer is linked with small towns of Tornaľa, Rimavská Sobota and Rožňava.

What to see in Rimavská Sobota:

  • in Summer in case you want to enjoy sun and water, you can visit a nearby place Kurinec.
  • in case you prefer spa. Visit the nearby spa Číž.  or
  • the recreational area Teplý vrch
  • The region of Gemer is a region of history, stories where also famous Slovak writers lived. The Slovak national writer of Slovak fairytales was Pavol Dobšinsky. He lived in the village of Drienčany. All the above mentioned places are nearby and are woth of your visit. Beside swimming you can do also hiking in the village of Drienčany.
  • Meanwhile doing your summer activities and in case you are hungry, here we drop you a link where you can eat at a nice place.


Visit Tornaľa

In the southern part of Tornaľa, in its part named Králik, there is a recreation area, which is popular.  A warm climate guarantees you  a pleasant stay.

Currently, the part of the area of the swimming pool is under reconstruction. The center of the recreation area is a swimming pool, which has been operating since 1969.

In Tornaľa, there is also a mineral spring called ” šťavica “  or “Gemerka”. Its analyzes state, it contains natural mineralized hydrocarbon, calcium-magnesium, carbon dioxide.


Visit Rožňava

In the center of Rožňava there is the Miner’s Square, where a 17th century watchtower stands. Other key sites include a Gothic church from the 14th century, a baroque church from the 17th century, and the Evangelical Church from the 18th century.

Not far from Rožňava, there is Betliar chateau, a few kilometres north. The yellow and white mansion has 21 bedrooms, three dining-rooms, a billiard room, a massive library, a replica cave full of stuffed animals, and several other rooms in which guided visitors discover everything.

Betliar was owned by the Andrássy family and used as the family hunting lodge. The Andrássy’s were wealthy Hungarian nobility who earned their fortune in the 19th century through trading iron ore. They left the region in 1948 when Communism took over.

South of Rožňava, there is Krásna Hôrka, a stunning castle that looms over the village below from its perch high atop a stony outcrop. Like Betliar, Krásna Hôrka was also owned by the Andrássys, from the 16th century onwards.

Not the last, also the cave of  Domica is worth of your visit, where a 25-kilometre cave system burrows beneath both Slovakia and Hungary.

Visit the region of Gemer

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